what's a real estate wholesaler

What is a Real Estate Wholesaler?

People who are interested in investment and wish to get good value for their property must consult real estate wholesaler. Investors always look out for deals which could help them to get good deals and so for them wholesalers would prove as the best option. It is one of the best options to get in the real estate field and most importantly liquid cash is not a big factor in it. It is an easy way to make money but one who is able to learn basics and its tactics will only be successful.

What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Wholesaling real estate is just like trading in a market where it is important to get the property at lower rates and sell it to other investors at good rates. One who does not have liquid cash in hand and still wishes to start their own real estate business will find such estate wholesaler as the best option. The difference between selling and purchasing is the profit of wholesaler and there is less risk in it.

It is not an easy business and so one must work hard to be successful and so always stay updated to find a new property which can help to get good profits. Real estate business can make one successful and at the same time can ruin a person. It is the way how wholesaler will evaluate the property and check out both pros and cons so that it could get a good deal.

Explain the working of real estate wholesaler?

It is a business where real estate wholesaler would find a good property and get it under contract but lastly sell the rights to other investors. The difference of price between selling to an investor and buying it from another investor is what the wholesaler will get as their fees. There are mostly two types of deals in such business which are explained below:

  1. Double close is where wholesaler will buy the property in his own name and then will send to other investor keeping profit margin according to property.
  2. Assignment of contract where without passing the contract name to a 1st investor it is been passed to the 2nd investor where the percentage amount of property is given to wholesaler.

Benefits of real estate wholesaler

  • One of the main reasons why one must opt for real estate wholesaler is minimal risk. It does not require holding property which will immediately lower down risk rate.
  • It is quite a simple business as compared to other in real estate field. Even beginner who is having deep knowledge in property dealing can start making money with limited liquid cash.
  • This type of business can give put pays quickly as compared to other real estate business. Real estate wholesaler who buys property under contract name of another investor can get money very quickly without holding their own money.
  • The proportion of profit is dependent on the type of property and it is sure that wholesaler ROI is higher as compared to real estate agents.
  • It is not always required to use your own cash for buying property as in some situation without investing a single penny wholesaler can get their pay out.
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